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The Content Matrix provides quality copywriting, content marketing, and blog management services that save you time and money.

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In the modern business landscape, quality content is a must. But let’s face it, creating content is time-consuming and expensive. It requires hiring a skilled copywriter, developing a plan, optimizing the content for SEO, and ensuring all this is completed on time.

What if there was a better way?

That’s where we come in. We offer professional copywriting, content marketing, and complete blog management at an unbeatable price. With years of experience in copywriting, SEO, marketing, and business, we can create compelling content that reaches your target audience.

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All Types of Copywriting

By utilizing modern and innovative tools, our expert copywriters can produce exceptional content that resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your goals. Our team also provides custom images and SEO services to ensure your content performs at its best. A few of the types of content we create include:


White Paper

Email Marketing




Website Content


Strategic Content Marketing

Developing content is important, but marketing it strategically to your audience is equally important. With years of experience in content marketing, we can help develop quality plans that maximize your reach and results.


Content Planning


Content Analysis


Campaign Development


Topic Research

Total Content Management

Managing your content can be time-consuming and expensive. We offer simple complete content management with copywriting, content marketing, and SEO optimization put together – keeping you ahead of the competition while you save time and money.




SEO Optimization


Content Marketing


Our Process

Schedule A Content Consultation

Our process begins with a custom content consultation where we will address your current content, your goals, and how we can help. You will also receive a 'The Context Matrix' report highlighting your content's who, what, and how.

We Develop Exceptional Content

Using the information from step one, we develop insightful SEO-optimized content and structured content marketing to help you reach your goals.

You Save Time & Money

You meet your goals while saving time and money.


Stop Wasting Time And Money

Gone are the days of content being simply another to-do. In the modern business landscape, content is one of the pillars of success; making it a critical need for every business.

However, being successful with your content requires quality copywriting, a content marketing expert, an SEO expert, and constant analysis. This process is extremely time-consuming and expensive if performed with an in-house team. Moreover, it can be just as expensive and time consuming hiring and managing multiple freelancers.

You need a connected and knowledgeable partner: The Content Matrix.


Proven Results

We know what we are doing, and our clients agree!
Lauren Hunter

It has been a pleasure working with Ben on several of my client projects over the past year. Through outlining and executing several in-depth ebooks, Ben has demonstrated key industry expertise as well as incredible command of the English language. Ben is a skilled marketing writer and forward thinking. I look forward to working with him on new and exciting projects in the future!

Kerry Bural

Not only is Ben a great writer and consultant, but he's a stellar content strategist who understands online advancement. Unleash him to help you with digital content solutions and you will see his knowledge and experience immediately!

Jeff Jowdy

Ben Stroup produces results. He is a keen strataegist and helps you develop and fine-tune your unique message and then communicate it through the appropriate methods. He is high tech in his knowledge of today's media and technology and grounded in an understanding that communication is most effective when it is most personal and direct. When you need help sharing your story, Ben can guide you to success!

Lil Copan

Ben has proven himself when it comes to writing. His strategic and problem-solving skills combined with writing competencies and creative gifts make working with him a welcome endeavor.

Dawn Woods

Ben is an amazing writer, editor, and author. He is very detailed in his work, very creative and knowledgeable, but overall extremely reliable and trustworthy.

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